19 February 2016

A New Kenyan Adventure!

As you might know, I moved to Kenya in East Africa in July of 2011 and have been teaching at a Christian international school in Nairobi ever since.  Shortly after arriving, I became acquainted with a ministry organization called BlueSky.  Over the last few years, I have learned more about their ministry, and in 2014 I started volunteering with BlueSky by leading a small discipleship group for high school girls each week.  About six months ago I began exploring the idea of joining the team of BlueSky Kenya on a full-time basis, and after months of seeking God’s direction, I’m excited to say that I will be joining that team in late July as Operations Director of BlueSky Kenya!

BlueSky Kenya exists to grow the global church and its influence by engaging the multinational community in Nairobi through meaningful relationships and experiential learning.  Through the platforms of summer camp, adventure programs, a climbing gym, and a consulting firm, the team at BlueSky works to engage the nations that live in this international community.  Besides Kenyan citizens, our community is comprised of British Kenyans, Kenyan Indians, South-Asians, and expatriates, diplomats, missionaries, businessmen and women, and NGO workers from all over the world!  People from these demographics often face unusual challenges because many of them are not here long-term, and because of that, it’s often hard for them to feel like they “belong” anywhere.  In addition, youth ministry in churches is not prevalent, so by providing summer camp, Sunday-night youth group, and weekly discipleship groups, BlueSky has a solid outreach to students in this community.  You can see that God has provided a perfect time and place for us to be sharing the good news of Jesus!

As I think about this new journey I’ll be starting, I can see how God is combining my past experiences, specific skills, and gifts for this new position.  While my professional training is in education, I’m excited to use many of the same skills it takes to run a successful classroom—such as idea development, organization, and communication—in my role at BlueSky, helping to further the mission and ministry that have been established.  As Operations Director, I will be helping to give leadership to some systems that are already in place and working to design and implement some new policies and procedures.  Much of my initial focus will be in the areas of human resources, customer service, and event planning.  While my work will be a bit more “behind-the-scenes” than some of the other staff members’, my hope and prayer is that God will enable me to use the gifts He’s given me to serve not only the students and clients with whom BlueSky works, but the current and future BlueSky staff was well, releasing them from some of the responsibilities they’ve had to pick up and freeing them to spend more time in the relational ministry to which they’ve been called.

In the coming months, I will be working to build a prayer and financial support team.  If you would like to be added to my mailing list, please visit this form to provide your contact information.  (Your information will be provided only to me.)  If you would like to go ahead and set up a financial donation, visit this page and click the "Engage by Giving" link on the right.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement as I begin this next chapter!

I'd love to answer any questions you might have!  Feel free to contact me or visit www.blueskyglobal.org or www.blueskykenya.org for more information!